Liberty National Agency Owner
Tim Nuckolls - Springfield, MO

Video Transcript - My name is Tim Nuckolls. I’ve been with Liberty National for nine years. When I came to Liberty National, I had been in the construction industry for 15 years and I was just tired of the way the economy affected [...] Read More

This is THE Opportunity of a Lifetime. Just ask our Agents and Managers making six-figure incomes. Yes, you read that right. Six figures. At Liberty National Life Insurance Company, YOUR hard work determines how much YOU earn. Not who you know or how much time you put in. The chance to earn a lot of money AND help people while doing it. That’s why we call it The Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Liberty National
Agency Owner

Tim Nuckolls

Springfield, Missouri
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In May 2007, Tim Nuckolls was in a similar situation to what you may be in right now: working an unfulfilling job, nervous about his financial future, and eager for a clean slate in his professional life. One month later, after a long conversation with his good friend and Liberty National Agency Owner, Jeff Miller, Tim decided he was done: done working at an unfulfilling job, done worrying about his financial future, and done just thinking about a clean slate. He was ready to actually make it happen. Read More